School and group visits to The Jurors at Runnymede

A woman and small child inspecting The Jurors at Runnymede

The Jurors is the first artwork at Runnymede to emphasise connections between this place and stories and ideas of justice and freedom across the world, both in the past and present. And if you can’t visit The Jurors, don’t worry - you can still use the resources on this website to generate discussion, new ways of thinking and new projects in the classroom.


Hear ideas from teachers

Eight teachers from nearby schools visited The Jurors and helped come up with ideas for schools to use. Here’s what they said.

Before your visit

Try to visit the artwork if you can, but if not, spend time exploring the website and watching the How The Artwork Was Made and Introduction films. We suggest you don’t give away too much to the class before your visit, but could offer provocations or introduce some of the exercises you will use on location. There are suggestions for how to do this in the downloadable resources below.

We invited local teachers to help us develop ways of using the artwork as part of a school visit and project. From all the ideas we discussed and tested, we developed the following suggestions.

School resources

Practical considerations

Always contact the Runnymede office to book in your school group and check details such as coach parking and access. We also offer tours for schools around the rest of the site. There is a small charge per head, but it's a great way to get the most out of your visit to this special place.

Runnymede is a great place for an outdoor packed lunch, but there is no covered area currently available for school groups, so you may wish to have a backup plan in case of poor weather.

After your visit

As well as the suggestions elsewhere of how to follow up your visit back in the classroom, you may find the following resources useful:

A selection of images of The Jurors. Use any or all of these images as you wish in the classroom or to share with colleagues but not for publication. Download here.

A dedication poem by Owen Sheers written in response to The Jurors. Read here. 

A film about how The Jurors was made. Watch here.

A film introduction to The Jurors. Watch here.

Thanks to all the teachers who took part in the workshop and to The South Runnymede Federation for their support. Thanks to artist and educator Kamina Walton for help devising and leading the workshop.