Art at Runnymede

Walk through the meadows of Runnymede and you will come across three major artworks by talented and award-winning artists: The Jurors by Hew Locke, Writ in Water by Mark Wallinger in collaboration with Studio Octopi, and Haymaking by Willow Twisters.

Writ in Water, a major architectural artwork by Mark Wallinger in collaboration with Studio Octopi, at Runnymede, Surrey

Writ in Water  

See inside Writ in Water, a major new architectural artwork by Turner-prize winning artist Mark Wallinger, in collaboration with Studio Octopi. It celebrates the enduring legacy of Magna Carta, offering a space to reflect on the founding principles of democracy at Runnymede.

The Jurors artwork by Hew Locke, at Runnymede in Surrey

The Jurors 

Reflect on 800 years of freedom at this exciting new artwork by British artist Hew Locke, commissioned jointly with Surrey County Council.

A traditional haymaking scene in the meadow made from willow whips

'Haymaking' - an interpretative collaboration by Willow Twisters 

Our Artists in Residence, Willow Twisters, collaborated with local families and diverse community groups to build a family interpretation experience through willow sculpture.