Runnymede Explored collaborates with St Cuthbert's school

Group visit
Published : 27 Feb 2020

Runnymede Explored is collaborating with St Cuthbert’s School, Englefield Green on a trail around Runnymede, designed by students. The trail will take its inspiration from the River Thames which runs directly through Runnymede & Ankerwycke, allowing the students to fully immerse themselves in the geography of their local area.

The trail will be installed by 30 students on Friday 27 March 2020, with parents and friends invited to walk this over the weekend. Students will act as guides along the trail, allowing visitors to quiz them on their research into Runnymede and its landscape history.

The trail will be left onsite for the weekend 28 and 29 March 2020 where visitors will be able to test out the trail by themselves and learn about the geography and history of Runnymede & Ankerwycke and why it plays such an important part both locally and internationally.

Becki Gray, teacher at St Cuthbert’s School, says: “I wanted my children to be motivated in their learning for their Geography ‘Explore’ project and what better way than teaming up with The National Trust. The class is so excited to embed their learning into an adventure family trail which they will open to the general public for the weekend. Having an ‘end goal’ to any learning is the best way for the children to achieve their best and strive for something worth working for. The Year Three class from St Cuthbert’s School can’t wait to share their hard work with The National Trust Runnymede, an amazing resource right on the school’s doorstep!”

Jess Kellard, Community Involvement Manager of the Runnymede Explored Project, says: “We are thrilled to be working with St Cuthbert’s School and testing their Trail that both immerses the students into learning about their local section of the River Thames and allows families to experience a trail for kids designed by kids.” 

The St Cuthbert’s Trail is just one aspect of community collaboration from the Runnymede Explored Project, with thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, will transform visits to the historic site with improved footpaths and trails, the creation of a new outdoor hub and an inspiring programme of events and activities.