The river at Runnymede and Ankerwycke

The River Thames at Runnymede

Relax by the river or take a walk along the Thames Path. The river here at Runnymede is a great place to stop and take stock. You might even spot some of our stunning wildlife.

Sit back and relax

Gather all the family for a lively picnic or simply bring a deckchair and your favourite book. Look out for swans, ducks, or the azure flash of a kingfisher.

On the water

As well as boat moorings and fishing swims along the river bank, two platforms are available near to the car park, making fishing accessible for all. You could even take a boat trip while you're here with the French Brothers ferry service to Windsor and Hampton Court.


Amble along the riverbank, or explore the network of paths that lead you across glorious meadows and woodlands. The historic town of Windsor is within easy reach along the Thames Path.

The Thames Path

Why not take a walk along the stretch of the Thames Path? You can see blackthorn bushes along the banks, and moorings are available along here for all you sailors out there.

Spotting kingfishers

We often see kingfishers here at Runnymede, just near to the car park. They nest here on the sandy banks of the Thames.

Need a rest?

This bench on the river bank is a popular spot for picnickers and walkers. It's a got nice bit of shade on sunny days, and is quite secluded. Perfect for a quiet rest.