Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

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Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

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Baking al fresco at Saddlescombe Farm

Tue 30 May 2017
Learn how to bake bread al fresco in a clay oven the good old fashioned way.

Wolstonbury Orchid Safari

Sun 11 Jun 2017
Discover how centuries of grazing has produced a rich variety of downland flowers and stunning orchids.

Devil's Dyke wild food walk and talk

Wed 14 Jun 2017
Hear about how our ancestors gathered food and what you can forage today.

Saddlescombe orchid walk and talk

Tue 20 Jun 2017
Orchid expert Peter Lovett is offering a unique experience here at Saddlescombe Farm this year, where those interested in orchids as a species can learn more about these amazing plants.

Butterflying with Matthew Oates

Sun 23 Jul 2017
Join one of the country's leading butterfly experts, Matthew Oates, on one of England's finest butterfly sites - Newtimber Hill.
Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill


Early Purple Orchid surrounded by cowslips on the south downs

Springtime wildlife at Saddlescombe Farm 

Walking anywhere on the downs, with its rich chalk grassland habitat, is sure to bring you face to face with elusive wildlife as well as early spring wild flowers not seen in other habitats such as the huge range of violets and orchids who favour this delicate habitat.

The purple blue of a spiky round headed rampion flower on a chalk grassland hillside, a Sussex speciality that is abundant in July

Seasonal highlights at Saddlescombe Farm 

At the beginning and end of the year, when it's too cold for many of our visiting species, you can still spot a resident bird of prey or even a woodpecker.

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill


Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill


Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

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A group of volunteers, including local children wearing safety goggles, clear scrub from the side of Newtimber Hill

Join the team 

Do you want to help look after one of the best downland estates in Britain? Make new friends, learn about the estate and volunteer with the National Trust.

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

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