Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

Early Purple Orchid surrounded by cowslips on the south downs

Important notice -

Our countryside space is open. We are not taking bookings for this property as there are no car parks or buildings open to the public.

A hidden hamlet nestled in the downs

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

Things to see and do

Searching the skies

Spring family fun at Devil's Dyke and Saddlescombe 

There is so much to do this Spring at Devil’s Dyke and Saddlescombe Farm. We’ve picked out our favourite 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ for you, from watching a bird to climbing a huge hill. So, go out, fill your lungs with air, and enjoy these legendary countryside spots.

Visitors dog-walking at Ickworth, Suffolk

Taking the lead on the South Downs 

The South Downs are a great place to walk your dog, so there's always somewhere near to you where you can enjoy this rich countryside throughout the year.

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill


Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

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 Panoramic view at sunset in August from Devil's Dyke, South Downs, West Sussex

South Downs sites we look after  

Discover the incredible diversity of countryside sites across the South Downs, from chalk grassland to river valleys, beech hangars and chalk cliffs.

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill