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Early purple orchid surrounded by cowslips on the south downs, Sussex.
Early purple orchid surrounded by cowslips on the south downs | © National Trust Images/Graham Welfare

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber walk

Fresh air, views and an ancient landscape will accompany you along this scenic downland walk near Devil's Dyke, West Sussex. Discover the wildlife-rich dewpond, and catch a glimpse into the past when you visit the old Donkey Wheel, traditionally used to draw water for the farm.

Total steps: 12

Total steps: 12

Start point

National Trust 'Newtimber Hill' sign, grid ref: TQ272115

Step 1

From the car park, cross the road and follow the track into Saddlescombe Farm. On your left you'll see the National Trust 'Newtimber Hill' sign. Enter the gate, turn left immediately, and follow the path uphill. Go over the stile alongside the metal gate, and bear right.

Step 2

On your left is the remains of a disused chalk quarry. Continue uphill to the top-most edge of the quarry, and take in the views of the Devil's Dyke valley. To the right of the valley lies Fulking Escarpment (with its pylons perched on the top). Further to the right, you'll see Chanctonbury Ring, a hill in the distance topped with a circle of trees.

Step 3

Turn around so that the quarry is behind you. Walk straight up the hill towards the clump of trees. Keep the trees to your right, continue for 270yd (250m), heading towards a mound in the distance.

Step 4

Upon reaching the mound (often referred to as a barrow) you'll notice its concave top. Walk around the left side of the mound until you reach the opposite side. You'll see three large trees in the distance with a wide grass path running through the centre.

Step 5

Just after the trees, you'll reach the first fork in the path. Take the left-hand grassy track and continue until you reach a second fork, take the right-hand grassy track. Walk on until you find a large dried-up dew pond to your right. Go around the dew pond towards the fence on the opposite side, where you'll find a water-filled dew pond.

Step 6

Rejoin the grassy track and walk for roughly 5 minutes, passing a cluster of trees to your left.

Step 7

Twenty two yards (20m) before you come to a wooden gate, turn right and you'll see Saddlescombe Farm in the distance, with a shallow ditch and bank in the foreground. This ditch is a cross ridge dyke. Follow the ditch down the slope towards the farm. You'll come to a short concrete post in front of you. Bear left at the post and head towards the fence line and gate in the bottom corner of the field.

Step 8

Go through the gate, and follow the flat grassy track (keep the fence on your right) towards Saddlescombe Farm for ten minutes. The slope to your left is a spectacular spot for wild flowers.

Step 9

Keep to the flat track, passing a water trough on your right. Continue until you reach the bottom corner of the field and go through the wooden bridle gate on your right (marked South Downs Way with a blue access arrow).

Step 10

Walk straight ahead for 22yd (20m), until you come to a stile on your left with a sign for Saddlescombe Donkey Wheel. Cross the stile, and follow the grass path as it bears to the left. Continue on to find the Donkey Wheel straight ahead of you.

Step 11

Retrace your steps back to the Donkey Wheel sign. Go over the stile, and turn left. Continue along the hard track, keeping the farm on your left.

Step 12

When the track forks, bear left down to the Wildflour Café and enjoy a well-deserved rest and a cup of tea. To return to the car park, turn right out of the café and follow the track.

End point

National Trust 'Newtimber Hill' sign, grid ref: TQ272115

Trail map

Map route for Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber walk, Sussex
Map route for Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber walk | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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