Volunteering at Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

A group of volunteers, including local children wearing safety goggles, clear scrub from the side of Newtimber Hill

Do you want to help look after one of the best downland estates in Britain's newest National Park? Come rain or shine, our volunteers are always in the great outdoors looking after the 2,000 acre Devil's Dyke estate. From having a bonfire in winter to restoring dewponds in summer, there's something for everyone. Come and get your hands dirty.

The outdoors experience

If working with people is your thing why not join our growing outdoors experience and visitor welcome team?
Our dedicated team are found at the Devil's Dyke over the summer, organising activities for schools, acting as history and countryside guides as well as helping out at the numerous events we organise and attend. This is a great chance to be creative, have fun and work with some inspiring people.


Are you looking for a project for your degree or do you have a fascination for farming history? Then we might well have something for you.
From surveying plants to trawling through historical documents, there's a wealth of information we need collecting. You might even have your own idea for a project that you want to share with us.

Looking after our animals

At Devil’s Dyke we don’t own any stock, but we do work closely with the farmers who have livestock on our land to make sure they are well cared for.
We run a simple 'lookering' system: checking fences, water troughs and gates, and making sure the animals all still have four legs and two eyes.

Helping in the workshop

Are you good with your hands? Relish a challenge? Or do you just like a bit of tinkering?
There are 101 different jobs that need doing in our workshop and around Saddlescombe. From sharpening tools to major projects like restoring old farm machinery, we can keep you busy and provide you with tea and biscuits.

Meet some of the team...


Amy - Specialist volunteer

“A typical day starts with a quick catch up with tea before we head out into the field. I am using GPS to create informative maps using GIS software.”

Joc - Education volunteer

“I was invited along to an education planning meeting and before I knew it I had been asked to dress up as a gypsy fortune teller and asked to co-ordinate a Girl Guide trip.”

Jenna - Practical volunteer

“I had a chance to take a six-month sabbatical - this is where I chose. There isn’t a typical day, I could be making bonfires, cutting trees, hedge laying or dressing as a Victorian.”

The Friends of Devil's Dyke

Friends of Devil's Dyke help look after over 2,000 acres of glorious downland, woodland and farmland. Without them the Devil's Dyke estate and people's enjoyment of it would be a lot poorer. Friends of Devil's Dyke can be found working at Devil's Dyke, Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill, Fulking Escarpment, Wolstonbury Hill, Southwick Hill and sometimes Cissbury Ring. Why not join them?
Do get in touch via email if you're interested in volunteering with us and want to find out more.