Wildlife at Saddlescombe Farm

A delicate and rare silver spotted skipper butterfly suns itself on a leaf

Take a walk around Saddlescombe and see how many rare birds, butterflies and flowers you can spot - you'll be surprised by how many different species have been attracted to this part of West Sussex.


These magnificent birds are now a common site around Saddlescombe and Newtimber. Watch out for their aerial fights with the rooks that nest near the farm.

You may be lucky and see a buzzard high above you
Buzzard flying

Juniper tree

Newtimber has the largest stand of juniper bushes on the eastern South Downs. This rare and declining tree is a relic from the last ice age.

Red kite

Catching a glimpse of this magnificent bird of prey is a real highlight. Sightings are becoming more frequent and we hope one day this bird will be nesting in nearby Newtimber holt (a small ancient woodland).

The red kite can now be seen in central England and Scotland as well as Wales
A red kite soaring high in the sky

Habitats of Newtimber

Newtimber is home to a wide variety of habitats - chalk grassland, ancient woodland, dewponds, juniper scrub and the extremely rare chalk heath.

Fungi - the forgotten kingdom

Every autumn we go out on a hunt with an expert mycologist to discover this world of life, death and decay. Why not join us in our annual surveys?

Fungi in front meadow
Sandham fungi

Tell us what you've seen

If you take a walk around Saddlescombe and spot anything interesting why not tell us about it?