History at Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

This fertile valley in the shadow of the South Downs has attracted settlers for thousands of years. Their stories chart the evolution of farming from the labour-intensive activities of early communities to today's widespread used of machinery.

Larder filled with dried herbs, jars of preserve and eggs

Early Settlements

Saddlescombe Farm workshop

1000 years of rural life

Saddlescombe Farm has a rich and varied history from medieval times to the present day.

Martin and Maria Robinson and family

The Robinson family at Saddlescombe Farm 

In 1853 Martin Robinson became the tenant farmer at Saddlescombe and his daughter Maude has left us with a wealth of historical detail in her account of life on this South Downs farm.

A black and white view taken in the 1960s of Saddlescombe Farm from the road, framed by a tree, with rolling hills on the horizon

Country tales 

A lifelong resident describes his life on the farm and the changes that he witnessed.

The Shadow of War