Booking and facilities at Saddlescombe Farm

You have already decided to visit Saddlescombe Farm but need to find out a little bit more information to make your day perfect. Whether it's how to get here, how many toilets we have, what to do if it is raining, or simply how to make a booking, the following information will be all you need for a perfect day out.

Someone touching a large tree whilst out on a sensory nature walk

How to book a learning visit to Saddlescombe Farm

The South Downs near Brighton is the perfect place to explore many themes and topics including history, science, geography, literature and art. Find out more about how to book a learning experience at this unique downland spot.

A black and white view taken in the 1960s of Saddlescombe Farm from the road, framed by a tree, with rolling hills on the horizon

Frequently Asked Questions - visiting Saddlescombe Farm

If you are planning a visit to Saddlescombe Farm but have a query about anything to do with the site, then why not see if you can find what you're looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Flint-walled interior of Learning Barn with log burner, seating and wooden furniture

Learning Barn facilities at Saddlescombe Farm

Find out more about the facilities on offer at our newly converted Learning Barn here at the farm.