Discover Devil's Dyke distinct and varied past

From Iron Age footprints left by early human settlers to Victorian business ventures, Devil's Dyke has a rich and varied past. During the dark of war, the estate was commandeered by the military before being returned to the beauty enjoyed by everyone today

Overview of the foundations of the Iron Age Fort at Devil's Dyke

The Iron Age fort  

The South Downs Way, which visitors walk today and cuts across Devil’s Dyke, has its origins in an ancient track that has been used by humans for more than 2,000 years.

Merry-go-round at Devil's Dyke Victorian adventure park

All the fun of the fair 

By the late 19th century, Victorian mechanical innovation had been mixed with a carnival spirit to create an Adventure Park that became the Disneyland of its day

First World War Public Warning Notice of Bomb Testing

The shadow of war 

By 1918 the Devil’s Dyke had been requisitioned by the Ministry of war and transformed into munitions research and testing ground.

Military plane shot down over Devil's Dyke

Back on a war footing 

Devil’s Dyke was transformed by military occupants during the Second World War. Soldiers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand trained on the South Downs to repel any invasion.