The history of Saddlescombe Farm

With a recorded history here over thousands of years, take a moment to learn about all the important steps that Saddlescombe and its people have taken in shaping the farm and community that we see today in this downland hamlet.

Image of Domesday text relating to Saddlescombe

Saddlescombe Farm in the Domesday Book

Domesday Book was the result of a huge land valuation survey undertaken for William the Conqueror who wanted to know how much his kingdom was worth and therefore how much tax he could ask for.

Colour recreation of a downland village and landscape from the 14th century

The Knights Templar and Saddlescombe Farm

The Knights of the Order of the Temple were founded to protect Christian pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land after the Crusaders re-captured Jerusalem. Saddlescombe Farm was given to the Templars in the 1220s by Geoffrey de Say who was the Fifth Earl of Warenne's tenant.

Early 1900s image of oxen and farm workers in field

Saddlescombe Farm history: 1500 to 1800s

Saddlescombe Farm has a rich history from its earliest Stone Age settlement through its its use as a mixed farm today.

Martin and Maria Robinson and family

The Robinson family at Saddlescombe Farm

In 1853 Martin Robinson became the tenant farmer at Saddlescombe and his daughter Maude has left us with a wealth of historical detail in her account of life on this South Downs farm.