History of the ages

Little Trowlesworthy, Upper Plym, Devon

If you're interested in history, there's plenty to captivate you here

Imagine oak woodlands, granite crags and fast flowing rivers - this sets the scene for the Goodameavy estate at Shaugh Bridge.

  • Throughout the woodland, charcoal hearths can be found, telling us that they were actively coppiced at one time.
  • Following the track alongside the River Plym and past the Dewerstone, a quarry tramway can be seen, where stone sleeper blocks punctuate the track bed. Along the highest part of the tramway, you'll pass several quarries with heaps of waste rock opposite them.
  • From the Rivers Plym and Meavy, the land rises by about 600ft up to Wigford Down, where the landscape is littered with the vestiges of prehistoric stone structures. There are enclosures, stone ramparts of a prehistoric fort and hut circles across the open moorland.