Rocky crags, woodland and water

From the meeting of the Rivers Plym and Meavy, up to the open moorland at Wigford Down, it's a rich and varied place to walk. Going through the woods you'll see the highest outcrop of granite in the south west, known as the Dewerstone along with historic remains. The area around Shaugh Bridge is nationally important for plants and wildlife and we work to protect them by conserving and improving their habitats. Birds to look out for include pied flycatchers and wood warblers - you might even spot the turquoise flash of a kingfisher down by the river.

Dewerstone tramway, Dartmoor, Devon

Waymarked circular walk

If you enjoy the relaxing sound of running water, you should enjoy this walk.

Remains of a tunnel brick kiln, Dewerstone Woods, Devon

Bricks, boulders and bronze walk at Dewerstone

Step back in time on a walk through Dewerstone, the site of many archaeological finds - some dating back as far as the Bronze Age.