Kick Off - a new contemporary art and sports project

A personalised football with the words

Throughout 2020, we will be exploring and celebrating the role of women in society through Kick Off, a collaborative women’s football art project by duo Yara + Davina.

Kick Off will unite women, football, craft and collectivism. Based at Souter Lighthouse and The Leas in South Shields and Osterley Park in London, the artwork will consist of workshops and exhibitions, culminating in a series of friendly football matches played at both properties. The artists and property teams will be working with Souter and Osterley's local communities to run the workshops and play the matches. Ultimately, Kick Off will explore how women’s football has been a feminist act since its birth and ask questions about what new roles it is playing now in terms of equality that go wider than gender.

Kick Off
A collage based around Kick Off, including a scarf, female footballers and a pie
Kick Off

Souter and Kick Off

Souter Lighthouse and The Leas is embedded in a community with strong ties to female football. The town in which its located, South Shields, currently has a successful women’s football team and also had one at the start of the twentieth century, which pulled in crowds of over 10,000 people even before World War One. Throughout the war, women’s football continued as a popular sport, until the end of the war saw a ban on female football that wasn’t lifted until 1971.

Osterley and Kick Off

Drawing on its connection to contemporary art, Osterley Park will host a number of women’s football games on the parkland which the 9th Earl Jersey gave to the National Trust in 1949 under the condition that it would always remain free for the public to enjoy. Earl Jersey was also an avid art collector and organised a series of art exhibitions by living artists and sculptors which were held in the top-floor rooms of Osterley House.

About Yara + Davina

British arts duo Yara + Davina have worked collaboratively creating social engaged art for over 15 years. Their practice puts people at the heart of their work.

Yara + Davina
Yara + Davina stand outside Souter Lighthouse
Yara + Davina