Learning at Souter Lighthouse

Visitors enjoying activities in Souter's Compass Room

We welcome groups of all ages, from all parts of the learning sector.

We offer a wide range of activities, so you can build your own package to suit your group’s needs.

The basic package

Discover the first ever purpose-built electric lighthouse and climb the 76 steps to the top of the tower. Visit Keeper’s Cottage to discover how a lighthouse keeper and his family lived during Souter’s working life. Find out how the Engine Room provided power for the whole station and the foghorn too. Have fun in the Compass Room with dressing up, Morse code and semaphore flags.

The Engine Room is the heart of Souter Lighthouse
Visitors exploring the Engine Room at Souter Lighthouse
The Engine Room is the heart of Souter Lighthouse

The extras

We also have a number of teacher-led activities which you can add to the basic package to customise your visit at a cost of £10 per activity. These include bug hunting, bird watching and rock pooling (tide dependant).

We offer the opportunity to make your own working lighthouse. Pre-prepared kits (£3 each) can be provided for teacher-led completion; these can be taken back to school.

Build your own model lighthouse
A girl making a model lighthouse
Build your own model lighthouse

Group visit rate

Adult £5.20, Child £2.60

A visit often works out better value for schools holding a National Trust Educational Group Membership. You can join at Souter on the day of your visit, it’s quick and easy.

For further information, or to book a visit, please contact Anne Cauwood by phone on 0191 5290909 or by email.