Orienteering in Coed Berthlwyd

Orienteering in South Snowdonia

Orienteering is a sport or leisure activity in which your goal is to find your way around a set of points or ‘controls’, using a specially designed map. There's some great orienteering to be done in Coed Berthlwyd in North Wales.

Orienteering can be competitive or you can go round as a family just for fun. 

Get started

Firstly you need to decide your level of difficulty and download one of our maps.

There is a choice of five different maps. The easy and medium courses are suitable for those with basic map reading skills. The harder courses are for those with orienteering experience, and children should not attempt these.

For safety reasons, children should work with a partner or in small groups.

Download your map below

Route one - easy (PDF / 3.1MB) download

Route two - easy (PDF / 3.1MB) download

Route three - medium (PDF / 3.2MB) download

Route four - hard (PDF / 3.2MB) download

Route five - hard (PDF / 3.2MB) download

Additional equipment

You will need a pen to write down the codes you find on the red and white markers, eg. M8T. Markers on the children’s courses have animals on them which the children can identify. You may be lucky enough to spot some real ones in the woods too.

There are numbered red circles on your map which show the position of the ‘control’ or the red and white orienteering marker.

Follow your selected course in the correct order. The start point is shown by a red triangle. To prove you have visited each control correctly write the letters in the correct box.

Once you've completed a route, compare your results with the answer sheet.

Answer sheet (PDF / 0.1MB) download

For more information about orienteering visit the British Orienteering website.