Winter at Stowe - A garden undressed

Winter is the perfect time to see the gardens glisten with crisp frost and mist drifting across the lakes. Step through the garden gate into another world and enjoy new walks, seasonal highlights and plan days out with the family, whatever the weather.

Choose from two new walks to enjoy seasonal highlights and relax, refresh and reconnect with nature. Both walks are available daily from 11 January to 22 March, 10am-4/5pm. Free of charge map, normal admissions apply.

Frost covers the ground with the sunrising across a lake with a large temple on the opposite side of the bank.

The garden undressed

Blow away the cobwebs on a crisp winter walk as you take a moment to pause and reconnect with nature. Pick up a walk map from the visitor centre and look out for different sights and sounds as you explore the garden undressed for winter.

A vision in white

Look closely at the ground and you'll see sweeping blanket of delicate snowdrops covering the garden as winter progresses. For 2020, the gardeners have made a brand new path network, leading from the top of the Lamport Garden to the avenue of trees by the Gothic Temple. Never before seen by visitors, this new vantage point will be an experience as you witness the garden become a vision in white from above and discover what has been until now, one of the best areas for snowdrops. One of our must see viewpoints is looking down onto the lakes, where each seemlessly joins another to create the visual illusion of a river running through the garden and out into the wider countryside. 

Snowdrops growing in the garden at Kingston Lacy

'Stowedrops' and winter flowers

It won’t be long before you see the gardens bursting with snowdrops or as we fondly like to call them ‘Stowedrops’. Enjoy chilly walks in the New Year to spot the early signs of them peeping through as they develop in the masses throughout the Elysian Fields, Sleeping Wood and Lamport Garden.

Try a midweek visit

We know some of you like a more peaceful visit. We’re busiest at weekends, so if you’re looking for a quieter day out, try a week day visit if you can.

Enjoy a peaceful walk and a selection of events taking place mid-week. We also host a monthly dog walk on a Wednesday. 

Exploring with the kids

Finding somewhere to take the children over half term can be complicated. Avoid the soft play and take them somewhere you'll enjoy in the great outdoros, feel safe and secure knowing they can run free and share your love of the winter garden with the family. Everything you need to know is in this handy article.