Open Doors and Drawers at Sunnycroft

Sunnycroft Shropshire Medicine Cabinet filled with medicines past and present

Sunnycroft is once again throwing open its many doors and drawers to curious folks. Behind each door is a story waiting to be told and treasures to be found. Join us from Friday 3 to Monday 6 March 2017.

Sunnycroft is a family home where nothing was thrown out if a use could be found for it. Drawers are full of family heirlooms, photographs, and reminders of previous lives. Visit us from 3 to 6 March this year when you can discover the stories of the families who lived here.

In 2017, we will be celebrating the early life of Joan Lander, the last of the Lander family to live at Sunnycroft. Joan was born on 23 December 1916 and we are celebrating the centenary of her birth with an exhibition in her bedroom surrounded by the embroideries that she created in her later life.

Throughout the house, doors will be open to reveal the life of this extraordinary embroiderer. Her tools and materials, her diaries and photo albums will be on display.

Want to discover more?
For the first time, Sunnycroft will be opening up a new room. The Maids Bedroom in the Servants Area will be opened up and dressed with the furniture of the two maids who worked at Sunnycroft in the early part of the twentieth century. Discover their stories and experiences of this suburban villa.