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Mary Jane Slaney at Sunnycroft

The Main or Master Bedroom at Sunnycroft, Shropshire
The Main or Master Bedroom at Sunnycroft | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

In 1894, the ambitious and aspirational Mary Jane Slaney purchased Sunnycroft. She purchased the additional surrounding land and extensively remodelled the estate.

Mary Jane Slaney was a successful businesswoman who completely remodelled the villa and garden at Sunnycroft into what we see today.

More than just a home, she redesigned Sunnycroft to become a place to entertain and show status in society.

Remodelling Sunnycroft

Commissioning the original architect Alfred Roper, Mary Jane doubled the size of the house.

A new much larger entrance was constructed, a grand staircase built, and a new wing added to include a billiard room, formal dining room and guest accommodation.

Her choice of interior design and decoration was heavily influenced by the latest fashions. This included the best quality materials as well as the latest technology such as indoor bathrooms, hot running water and central heating.

An estate in miniature

Mary Jane aspired to have a home, garden and estate that had all the essential features of the much larger grand estates of the time.

She added the lodge at the top of the drive, a coach house and stables, kennels, glasshouses and an impressive conservatory.

All of these remain intact today.

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