Sunnycroft's Grain Store Bookshop

Books on display in a second hand bookshop

Fiction, fact, fun or frivolous what's your book like?

There is a preloved book for everyone at Sunnycroft Grain Store Bookshop. What treasure will you find when you pop in?

The bookshop is managed by our volunteers and is open during our normal open times. Every book sold helps us to raise much need funds to keep Sunnycroft a special place.

We're always grateful for donations, so if you have any good quality books to pass on, please do drop them off to us. We'd especially love novels and children's books, but welcome anything that you can kindly offer us. Small donations please drop them off in our ticket hut. If you have more than 2 boxes of books to donate please call in advance to let us know you're coming. The property number is 01952 242 884. Thank you.