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Studland Bay Appeal

Donate to the Studland Bay Appeal


could help to restore the habitat of the long-snouted seahorse in Studland Bay

Sunset on Knoll beach at Studland Bay, Dorset | © National Trust Images/Jon Bish

Beneath the waves of Studland Bay lie the most extensive seagrass meadows in Dorset. This significant habitat is under threat, particularly from recreational boating as traditional anchors and chain moorings damage the sea bed. Donate today to restore and protect Studland’s seagrass meadows.

Seagrass is the only marine flowering plant and seagrass meadows are one of the most valuable and biodiverse habitats in our seas. It’s home to a variety of protected wildlife, including both species of native seahorses and many species of commercial fish. Seagrass is important for people too. The meadows reduce coastal erosion and help to tackle climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We're working with boat clubs, conservation organisations, scientists and local community groups to take collective action to protect this vital habitat.

In 2021, several organisations with a shared passion to protect Studland’s seagrass meadows came together to form the Studland Bay Marine Partnership (SBMP). The partnership is working to restore Dorset’s largest seagrass meadow collaboratively and sustainably, so nature can thrive and people can experience the area without impacting the recovery of this ecosystem. The installation of 100 eco-moorings in the bay is an essential part of this work, which will allow boats to moor without the damage that a traditional mooring or anchor causes.

With your help, we’ll continue to restore this precious habitat and ensure people will be able to enjoy these waters for years to come.

Did you know...

10 per cent

of the ocean’s total burial of carbon is captured by seagrass

Up to 92 per cent

of seagrass meadows have been lost in some areas since 1936

100 eco moorings

are aimed to be installed in Studland Bay

How your donation can help

All of the funds raised via this appeal will be used directly by SBMP towards marine conservation in Studland Bay. We're currently managing this fund on behalf of the partnership. If and when the time comes that the partnership is established as a separate legal entity in its own right, such as a community interest company, then all funds will at that time be transferred from us to the new entity.

About the Studland Bay Marine Partnership (SBMP)

SBMP formed to care for Studland’s seagrass beds and marine wildlife such as the protected long-snouted seahorse population. You can find out more about them on their website.

Donating as a business

If you're a business looking to support SBMP, please email Dorset Council at

Middle beach, Studland Bay, Dorset

Donate to the Studland Bay Appeal

You'll be helping to restore and protect the vital seagrass habitats at Studland Bay in Dorset. Thank you for your support.

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