50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Sutton House & Breaker's Yard

Common blue butterfly on yellow flower

Visit our Breaker’s Yard garden this Summer to start your 50 things adventure, with a special Sutton House twist.

18. Create some wild art

A family of Borrowers are moving into Sutton House. We love Borrowers because they look after Sutton House, and even though they borrow lots of old things from the house, they always look after them. Can you help to welcome our guests? 
Use twigs, sticks and natural materials to build a miniature ladder or a tiny Borrowers den. Come back during the Summer Holidays and see if a Borrower has used your ladder to reach new heights of borrowing. 

4. Build a den

Build a giant den out of fabric, sticks, pegs and clips. How many people can fit inside? Once you’ve made a giant den for your family, build a tiny den big enough for a Borrower and place it somewhere in our Breaker’s Yard garden. Will they be brave enough to come out and use it? 


38. Bring up a butterfly 

Visit us during May half-term and you may catch a glimpse of our caterpillar friends turning into butterflies. Nature is full of surprises so you never know when a butterfly is born – will you spot a tiny caterpillar, a cool cocoon or a baby butterfly? Dress up as a giant caterpillar or a beautiful butterfly and imagine you’re exploring the Breaker’s Yard garden for the first time. 

41. Plant it, grow it, eat it

Visit our Big Green Bus and plant your own edible caterpillar. We’ll provide egg cartons, seeds, pipe cleaners and googly eyes and you can make your own cress-head Caterpillar.
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Want to tick off even more activities?


23. Visit a farm

We recommend visiting Hackney City Farm where you can meet pigs, cows, chickens and goats!