Deck the Halls at Sutton House this Christmas

Father Christmas and Child

The halls of Hackney’s oldest house will be decked for Christmas from 23 November to 22 December 2019. Explore 500 years of Christmas traditions throughout Sutton House and experience the festive period through the eyes of the Tudors, the Georgians, the Victorians, and even 1980s Londoners.

Meet Father Christmas in his picturesque, oak-panelled Tudor grotto by a cosy fire. Hear enchanting stories of his adventures, and children will receive a lovely gift.

Learn how the Tudors celebrated Christmas, take on the role of the “boy bishop” and tie a ribbon to the traditional yule log. Your mouth will water when you witness the glorious Tudor Christmas feast, including a turkey that walked all the way from Norfolk just to be eaten, a mouth-watering Wassail bowl and a rather gruesome cockenthrice; the front end of a pig with the hind quarters of a turkey.

Experience a modest and tasteful Georgian Christmas, with beautiful holly and evergreens, and discover why we call St Stephen’s day ‘Boxing Day’. You might recognise some of the decorations in our lavish Victorian Study, as many of the traditions we have today emerged during Queen Victoria’s reign, including colourful crackers, Christmas cards, a decorated tree and toys for the children.

Back comb your hair and don the shoulder pads to celebrate Christmas 1980s style, much like the Squatters who lived at Sutton House might have done. Bask in the glow from the silver Christmas tree and sparkly tinsel and play with some of the most popular toys from the eighties that would have been waiting under the tree.

After you have met Father Christmas, enjoy mulled wine and mince pies and post a letter to Father Christmas. You can also join our Tudor servant to make spiced orange pomander balls, and take part in Christmas arts and crafts with an artist.

All proceeds go towards helping us take care of 500 year old Sutton House.

Plan your visit

Deck the Halls will run from Saturday 23 November until Sunday 22 December, Wednesday- Sunday, 12.00noon to 4.30pm . Father Christmas will be here Saturday and Sundays only.

Prices include the whole Sutton House Christmas experience, including meeting Father Christmas. Places to see Father Christmas are limited, so we recommend booking ahead, but there are plenty of festive things to see and do around the house.

Adult, House and Father Christmas - £9.50
Child, House and Father Christmas - £5.50
National Trust member, House and Father Christmas - £2.00