Family learning at Sutton House

Family Learning workshop at Sutton House

Family learning at Sutton House is specifically aimed for local nurseries and children centers as an a fun way to engage parents and children together exploring literacy, numeracy and communication skills, and creative expression in a museum setting.

Sutton House, in partnership with School Home Support, has worked with local families in short-term family learning programmes since 2010. We are keen to increase our partnership with local children's centres, nursery's and schools, and are pleased to offer out more family learning opportunities for academic year 2017/18. 

Stucture of the family learning programme

The family learning programme consists of 4 hour and a half weekly workshops; the workshops are usually based on a children's story book and the families build a 'story bag' to take home. Every week families explore elements of the book which is brought to life through immersive storytelling, games, and collectively making objects from the book, such as a clock for our Alice in Wonderland inspired programme. 

What families have enjoyed as par of our family programme:

'Spending time with my son in a learning and fun environment and meeting other parents”

“Lucas started very shy sitting on my lap during story time, but by the end was getting involved with the story and really enjoyed his time”

“Being creative and imaginative together”

“More independence”

“Doing things in a different environment”

Booking information

Please email or call Sean on 0208 5259057 for more information.