‘Inclusion’, a community collaboration film about Sutton House

This video - made by filmmakers Kayza Rose and CampbellX for Sutton House - was shared on social media to encourage more people in Hackney to consider coming to work or volunteer with us, and raise awareness of the wide range of community events and exhibitions on offer.

A beautiful place to visit with a unique history, Sutton House also has a long tradition as a space where local people can share their stories, histories, ideas and culture.

The positive effect that beauty, community and heritage can have on people’s lives in the urban environment was the foundation the National Trust was built on, back when social reformer Octavia Hill founded the charity in London in the 19th century.

" We work in partnership with local people to meet the changing needs of Hackney’s community. We want to keep those original values of the National Trust alive"
- Chris Cleeve, House and Gardens Manager at Sutton House.


How the project came about

The ‘Inclusion’ series of films was commissioned by Sutton House thanks to a generous legacy to our community work. It formed part of our work with local partner charities such as The New Museum School to appeal to a more diverse range of people in our community, when recruiting for the staff and volunteers who contribute to our cultural and heritage programmes.

One thing several people talked about when we interviewed them for the films was the importance of understanding black history as an intrinsic part of British history. We also discussed some of the ways that Sutton House can represent an inclusive view of history by sharing a range of people’s stories and histories through its exhibitions, and by involving people from the community in co-creating them.

Explains Chris, “The filmmakers asked people who have been involved with Sutton House as volunteers, community event-attendees, partners and freelance specialists to share their own thoughts and feelings: how they felt before they came, what they discovered when they arrived and their thoughts about the house, its heritage and its role in the community.

“We hope sharing these stories in our community we will encourage other people in and around Hackney to consider getting involved – perhaps as staff or a volunteer, or by exploring some of the cultural activities the house has to offer.” 

Collaborating with filmmakers

To celebrate the many ways people from east London are part of Sutton House today, we've commissioned critically acclaimed filmmakers Kayza Rose and CampbellX to document people's experiences of being involved. 

Kayza and Campbell said, "It was a pleasure and privilege to be asked to produce a series of videos for Sutton House.

"While making the video we were reminded that even though we celebrate Black History Month in the UK in October, we are part of all British History. African and Asian descent people have always been a part of the fabric of British life from - Beachy Head Lady in 245AD, through to Ivory Bangle Lady in York in the 4th century, to the contemporary UK.

"Our challenge is always to build awareness of this history by producing visually entertaining and informative content."

More about our work 

The National Trust works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces - for ever, for everyone. As a national conservation charity, it’s important that our programmes are relevant to people from a diverse range of backgrounds. This means we also need to create opportunities to welcome a range of people, and to create equal access for all that want to take part, whether through working for us, volunteering or visiting.

To find out more about the films or how you can get involved in our work at Sutton House, please email suttonhouse@nationaltrust.org.uk

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