KS3 Tudor Life

School workshop in Tudor kitchen

Sutton House's was built by a courtier to King Henry VIII, Sir Ralph Sadlier, in 1535. Sir Ralph Sadlier was born a commoner, but was taken in by Sir Thomas Cromwell at a young age and taught Latin, Greek and the art of diplomacy. Sir Ralph was a prominent figure in the reformation during King Henry VIII's reign, but he was very clever and managed to serve under every Tudor monarch after Henry VIII's death.

KS3 Tudor Session

KS3 Curriculum Area: History- Local Area Study 

As the oldest house in Hackney, Sutton House has a wealth of local history. The students can see how Hackney was once the countryside, where most the land was used for farming. They can examine Tudor medicine, discuss the monarchy and learn how Sir Ralph Sadlier became the richest commoner in England through the selling of the monastries.  

We are happy to focus or adapt the workshop to fit your topic.

Booking information

We can cater for one class up to 30 Students at a time.

Workshops are usually 10:00am -12:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm, however we can work around your timetable. 

No bus parking on site, the nearest station is Hackney Central and buses stop nearby.

Lunch can be eaten on site, and children can play in the Breaker's Yard during their break.  

Please email katy.parry@nationaltrust.org.uk or call Katy on 0208 5259057 to make a booking. 


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