Life Death Whatever at Sutton House

Life Death Whatever

Sutton House hosts a month of events, lectures, installations and reflections on life, death and everything in between. Be prepared to talk about death, learn from those who see it every day and have some life affirming experiences; there will be tears!

Throughout the month of October, Sutton House will host an eclectic lineup of events, installations and workshops curated by the duo, encouraging creative reflection on life, death and everything in-between. The house and garden will play host to a playful and lively lineup. Think chemists, cemetery angels, poets, perfumers, puppeteers and DJs meeting to celebrate the inevitable - wherever it is we’re all going to end up and our journey to getting there.

The exhibition features work by Laura Ford, Claudia Bicen, Philip Eglin, Stella Vine, Kate Linforth, French & Mottershead, Nick Potter, Chairman Kato & many more. There will be an interactive Coffin Playroom, a Life. Death. Whatever. grave by Stoneletters and a bar serving deathly cocktails in the Tudor Kitchen. The eclectic lineup of events, workshops and talks include fashion meets death film screenings, Sylvia Plath themed book clubs, Death Cafes, Funeral Tuesdays hosted by the Good Funeral Guide, therapy dogs and pat cats and a life affirming herbal supper club.

Plus: Moon Under Water presents a death themed bar, Teabreak Theatre and Dracula, Death Dance classes and more.

For families: The usual half term halloween antics with a LIfe. Death. Whatever. twist. Bring your deadliest costume, this is going to be our best halloween yet.

Keep an eye on the Life. Death. Whatever. website for details of tickets and information.

To see a full listing of events so far, visit our What's On page