'Never Gonna Dance Again' Events Planner Brief

Figure from behind standing in from of a glittery gold lame curtain.

The Sutton House Queered team is looking to appoint an LGBTQ events planner/artist to take the lead with our ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’ season; designing and delivering a minimum of two events throughout the month of October.

Event Planner Brief

Sutton House Queered

Built in 1535 by Tudor Statesman Ralph Sadlier, Sutton House is the oldest domestic building in Hackney. Throughout its almost 500 year history, the house has been a boys’ school, a girls’ school, a church institute, offices, and a squat. The house is now owned by the National Trust and has a strong focus on working with the local community. Sutton House was the first National Trust property to celebrate LGBT History Month, and the first to introduce a gender neutral toilet. Sutton House Queered is a year- long programme that aims to question and disrupt, to challenge and celebrate. Much like Sutton House’s varied and colourful history, Queer is fluid and ever-changing, and presents a great opportunity for us to explore the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride theme, marking the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of sex between men.

Never Gonna Dance Again

In 1987 a group of local campaigners formed the Save Sutton House Campaign in response to the proposal by developers to convert Sutton House into luxury apartments. They held the first open day event here in December 1987 and eventually prevailed in their attempts, and the National Trust halted conversations with developers and worked with Save Sutton House campaigners, architects and conservation experts to restore the house, which eventually opened to the public in 1994.

Similar battles are faced 30 years on, as many LGBTQ community venues face closure. Many are not as fortunate as Sutton House, and gallant efforts by community members to protect and conserve these important heritage spaces are unable to match the resources behind soulless London developers.

In October, Sutton House Queered will remember some of the lost LGBTQ pubs, clubs and nights out, and celebrate the efforts to save them. We will also consider the importance of sharing the more intangible aspects of queer history, the stories and the unheard voices.

Scope of Role

The artist will be required to:

  • Plan and deliver a minimum of two creative and engaging income generating events for LGBTQ audiences in response to the themes of:
    - Vanishing LGBTQ community spaces and nightlife
    - Community action to preserve heritage (both tangible and intangible)
    - Parallels between contemporary loss of queer spaces and the Save Sutton House Campaign
  • Participate in a one day symposium about preserving queer heritage (20th September)
  • Be an advocate for the Sutton House Queered programme and the wider work of the National Trust
  • Create an article for the Sutton House website promoting the events, and content for our social media channels
  • Liaise with the Sutton House Queered team throughout the design, making and delivery of the project

With support from the Sutton House Queered team:

  • Manage and coordinate the event logistics
  • Contribute to the marketing of events
  • Contribute to an evaluation of the events

Key Dates

Closing date for submissions: 5pm Wednesday 31st May

Interviews: Week commencing 5th June

Appointment of artist: 12th June
Sutton House Queered team sign off proposals for events: 14th July

Web article final draft: 11th August

One day symposium: 20th September

Events take place: dates to be decided in consultation with Sutton House team

Evaluation process: by November 30th    

Performance Indicators

For all work to be completed on time, within the agreed budget and as detailed above in this specification.

Fee - £1,000

Design/Events budget - £1,500 (receipts required)

Total fee - £2,500


Please submit a CV and covering letter outlining:

- Your interest in this project

- Your experience of working on LGBTQ (and preferably heritage) related projects

Please also submit:

- A draft proposal for one event, including a timeline and costs

- Information of previous events you have planned and delivered

Submitting proposals

Proposals should be submitted to Lauren Sweeney lauren.sweeney@nationaltrust.org.uk  by 5pm on 31st May.

Interviews & Selection

Your proposal will be reviewed by the Sutton House Queered team and you may be invited for an informal interview on the week commencing 5th June. We may also ask for references. The successful candidate will be notified by 12th June.