Summer Adventures at Sutton House & Breaker's Yard

A Borrower in the Tudor Kitchen

Visit Sutton House this Summer for a magical adventure inspired by Mary Norton’s The Borrowers.

Shhh, did you hear that?

When the house was restored in the late 1980s many curious items were found underneath the floorboards, dating back to when the house was Eliza Temple's School of Etiquette. The pieces include handmade lace, gloves, a slipper, hair pins, notes and playing cards. 
We believe this is evidence of 'Borrowing' activity and, this Summer, the Borrower's Biggest Fans are coming to investigate. But, we need families to help us! These Borrower super-geeks are just a little bit too big to be looking into Borrower-shaped holes, so they need children with giant imaginations to help them.
Join the Borrower’s biggest fans to open up 500 year old floorboards, peer up chimneys and play music to coax our little Borrowers out. From minature riddles to tiny shadows, you can unearth a magical world right under your feet.
'Shh, did you hear that?' has been created with our Golden Spies Kid’s Forum (7 - 11 year old school children), our Recycled Teenagers (Local over-55s) and set-designer Kirsty Harris.
Are you ready to have fun like a Borrower? Find out more

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