Tea Break Theatre presents Dracula at Sutton House

Four people in Victorian costume holding candles. Afraid.

For many years we have proudly partnered with local theatre company, Teabreak Theatre and this year they are back with a second year of 'Dracula' following the success of last year's sell out shows... Find out about the production from director, Katharine Armitage.

A word from our theatre partner

When I first came to Sutton House for a brief moment I thought I’d done an Alice and gone through to some new land. A Tudor house? In Hackney? Really? 

My theatre company Tea Break have been working with Sutton for four years now and that feeling still creeps up on me. There is something truly magical about walking through that churchyard, with its queues of haphazard graves, turning the corner, past the achingly modern school, and then walking through that great wooden door, with its imperial lion to approve your entrance, into a place for which a day is a blink in time.

It is this sensation of stepping into a new realm that makes me want to keep creating theatre in historic places. Working in the arts can make what was once pure magic into something prosaic: it turns sheer pleasure into, well, work. But, when you build something from a place steeped in history, that spell returns because you’re not taking people into one world, you’re leading them into two. There’s also something very satisfying about taking theatre to people.

Rather than ‘build it and they will come’ (through a sweaty rush hour into creaky seats next to that person who coughs), we prefer ‘you’ve got a place? Sure, we can make something with that.’ We have built shows in Abney Park, Elizabeth Gaskell’s decaying house, the gorgeous artwork which is Dorich House as well as any number of nooks and crannies we can fit a show into. Creating theatre where the audiences are makes it more accessible, more part of the local community and, frankly, more interesting. 

This year's performance 

‘Dracula’ is a special show because it is as much about the house itself as it is about Stoker’s novel. Sutton House is a living and breathing character within the play and, at times, it’s a deeply disturbing one! After selling-out the show last year, and receiving such a fantastic response, we felt it was only right to let the Count rise from his grave once more (it does tend to be his MO after all). 

For our younger fans out there: don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! A brand new show is set to unwrap itself inside Sutton House just in time for Christmas… In the meantime, we will be doing our best to make sure your parents, relatives, teachers and babysitters are well and truly scared out of their wits! 

Dracula is running from 17 October 2017 - 4 November 2017 (excluding 22 October, 25 October and 1 November) at 7:30pm.

Please note age restriction is 14+. Wear comfy shoes, warm clothing and something to go round your neck…

Katharine Armitage - Director - Tea Break Theatre