Top ten things for families to do at Sutton House

A child playing in the sand pit at Sutton House & Breaker's Yard

To get your family big day out started we have compiled a list of the top ten things to do at Sutton House this season. Come and see us to start ticking them off.

1.     Delve into our family treasure chests and pretend you are Captain Milward sailing across the Indian Ocean with a giant drum, magic map cape and a stuffed pineapple.  

2.     Host a Georgian tea party in our Georgian Parlour. Pop your silk gloves on, wind up the music box and challenge your family to a Georgian dance-off.

3.     Get in front of the wheel of our big green bus in our Breaker’s Yard garden. What's the next stop on the bus?

4.     Pick up an activity book designed by our Golden Spies (7 – 11 year old play experts) and illustrator Josh Knowles and create mini masterpieces in every room of the house.

5.     Dress up as a giant caterpillar and wiggle your way around the Breaker’s Yard garden.

6.     Join our elite team of play expert volunteers for family adventures during the school holidays. See our What’s On for details.

7.     Build stories using our puppets, costumes and toy tools with our Breaker Maker’s story-building toolbox.

8.     Pretend you are the King of the Castle surveying his kingdom on the balcony of our giant 2-storey caravan.

9.     Start your 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ scrapbook. See What’s on for details.

10.  Construct a sand-castle in our giant sandpit, complete with massive tyres to climb in and out of.