Delve into the history of Sutton House

Squatter artwork

From a Tudor courtier to rock music loving squatters, Sutton House has had a colourful past.

The Tudor connection

Sutton House was built in 1535 by Ralph Sadleir a courtier of Henry VIII. At the age of fourteen Ralph had been placed in the household of Thomas Cromwell. Here he learnt Latin and developed other skills he would later put to good use in his political career.
Sadleir carried out missions in connection to the Dissolution of the Monastries. He was later sent on embassies to Scotland and France.
At Cromwell's house Sadleir met his wife Helen Barre. By 1535 Ralph had built his family a three-storey house in Hackney, 'the bryk place'.

A house divided

In 1751 John Cox divided the house into two self-contained residences; Ivy House and Milford House. The Hackney Parish rate books provide a complete record of the occupants of the two houses from the 1750s.

The Blue House

In 1982 the house was occupied by squatters and re named 'the Blue House'. Rock concerts were held in the barn.

Weekend tours

Find out more about our fascinating 500 year history on one of our weekend tours. Open Georgian panels to reveal Tudor arches or see the squatters' artwork. Please call ahead to check times.