A family's visit to The Argory

Wellies and walks at The Argory

Read on to find out about their Sunday adventure at The Argory…

About the Ruanes

We're a family that loves the outdoors – exploring nature, discovering mini beasts and fighting invisible dragons with swords and wands. So despite the grey skies and potential rain, we decided to check out the Argory on a Sunday afternoon to find new adventures for all the family.

We were greeted at the carpark by friendly staff who provided information on the days’ events. We made our way to reception to be greeted again with a smile which made us feel even more comfortable and welcome, especially when travelling with four young and excited boys!

Keeping the kids busy

At reception we booked a house tour for later, picked up a map of the grounds and then headed out for a walk. The dragons were out in force as we all roamed around the trails, exploring the surrounding wilderness and playing hide and seek in the bushes. The boys loved the board walk through the trees and pretended they were running along the deck of a boat. The only downside was that our hunt for frogs came up dry!

After our expedition we went to the courtyard and were surprised by all the things the kids could do. The boys dressed up as farmhands and worked in the stables while Jemma and Mollie tried on maid costumes and played in the washroom. The bookstore was the highlight of the courtyard for me as it was packed full of great reads. I spent twenty minutes there choosing the perfect book while the boys flicked through the kids section.

Then for the house tour

This was a new experience for our family and we were a bit nervous that it would be difficult with our little kids. Children can complete a pest quest activity on the tour and after looking at this we decided to give it a go. When I walked through the front doors I was blown away by the size of the house – I didn’t realise just how big it was and how much history it held. Stories of sinking ships and the hunt for pests made this tour so much more than just a walk around a house. It’s certainly something we would all love to do again.

Overall we had a great day out at the Argory and we’ll definitely be back to explore the grounds further. I look forward to finding more hidden gems in the bookstore, revisiting the history of the house and dressing the kids up in costumes from the past.