Conservation success stories

The Royal Oak Foundation Conservation Studio at Knole supports National Trust properties through the conservation of their collections. Working with our collections and house staff and other conservators we help care for around 1 million objects, across 200 National Trust properties.

Emma Schmuecker, Conservation Studio Manager Emma Schmuecker Conservation Studio Manager
An 18th century gold-gilded sconce from the Ballroom at Knole, Kent

Inspired by Knole 

Go behind the scenes at the conservation studio and discover how the team conserved items from Knole's unique collection of Royal Stuart furniture as part of the Inspired by Knole project.

sitting room at Monk's House, East Sussex

Bloomsbury Group furniture from Monks House 

Furniture from Monk's House had been damaged by one former resident of the Bloomsbury Group's Kentish hang out.

A conservator examines the upper floor of the Doll's House at Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory Dolls House 

An alabaster tea set from the Nostell Priory Dolls House proved that even the smallest items can be extremely challenging when it comes to conservation.

A view of the house over the historic rose garden

A rescue mission at Nuffield Place 

A pair of terracotta cockerels from Nuffield Place needed some tender loving care to be restored to their former glory. Find out if the conservation studio team managed to bring them back to life.

A wooden carving from Hinemihi in the conservation studio

Caring for Hinemihi, a Māori meeting house  

Wooden carvings from Hinemihi arriving at the conservation studio presented a very particular set of challenges for conservators after being kept outside for long periods of time.

A conservator works on a picture frame in the studio

Using lasers in the conservation studio 

The use of lasers in conservation work is relatively recent. Find out how conservators used this cutting edge technique to restore gilded picture frames.