Clients at the Textile Conservation Studio

Conservators examining the bed frame of the King James II bed at Knole, Kent

Our studio is run as an enterprise and treats textiles for both National Trust properties and private clients. Here is a brief list of some of the recent projects we have worked on...

Recent National Trust projects include:

Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire - the continued conservation of a set of 13 huge 16th-century tapestries, a project that has required careful project management over the past 15 years. We are currently working on the 11th tapestry in the set.
Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire – conservation of the Lucretia hanging, the second of a set of large embroideries, from the Great Hangings series.
Knole, Kent - the continued conservation of two State beds the late 17th-century James II bed and early 17th-century Spnagled bed, involving complex treatments of the numerous component parts. During these project our staff have worked alongside conservators of other disciplines, house staff and fundraisers.
Cragside House, Northumberland - Conservation to a 19th-century Chenille carpet
Dunham Massey, Cheshire – treatment and netting of Queen Anne chairs.
Claydon, Buckinghamshire - the conservation and mounting for display of Lord Verneys Robe, a 17th-century doublet, bodice and stays and a rare 17th-century man’s wedding suit.
Powis, Powys - survey and advice for the installation of Tipus tent on loan to the V&A Museum.

Powis, Powys - Conservation treatment to 16th-century Reception of an Embassy tapestry.

Arlington, Devon - survey of 19th-century silk wall hangings.

Recent Private Client projects include:

Univeristy of Oxford, Bodleian Library, Oxford - Conservation of 16th-century English Map tapestries

Houghton Hall / V&A Museum – on site cleaning and netting of seat furniture.
Westminster Abbey, London - conservation of four embroidered panels from Elizabeth II’s Coronation.
Hopetoun House, Scotland – consultancy visits for tapestry conservation project.