Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Conservators working on site at Hardwick Hall

Hardwick is internationally renowned for its collections, most notably its textile collection, largely sourced and collected by Bess of Hardwick in the later years of the sixteenth century. Our working relationship is ongoing with Hardwick with an object either always in the studio or in the planning phase for conservation. The most recent projects include:

'Gideon choosing his army’ Tapestry on display following conservation
Gideon tapestry from Hardwick on display.

Following three years of conservation treatment, the largest tapestry in the Trust's collection, Gideon Choosing his Army, went back on display in June.

The continued conservation of this set of 13 huge 16th-century tapestries, is a project that has required careful project management over the past 15 years.

Follow its conservation journey here.

The Lucretia Hanging following 2 years of conservation treatment
Great Hanging - Lucretia after conservation

Conservation of the Lucretia hanging, the second of a set of large embroideries, from the Great Hangings series depicting Nobel women.

The conservation treatment of this important embroidery followed the same tretamtn to that of the previous hanging to be conserved - Penelope. This treatment can be followed here.