The Vyne appeal

Water is running in. Time is running out. Help us repair the roof so future generations can continue to enjoy this special place

Children at The Vyne, Hampshire
Help us restore The Vyne's chimneys

Help us repair The Vyne’s roof 

The Vyne’s roof is leaking and causing serious damage to the building and the many unique treasures it holds. Your gift today will help re-tile the roof, rebuild the chimneys, repair parapets and improve guttering so that rainwater no longer gets in during heavy rain.

What your gift could do

  • £25 could buy a handmade clay tile and fund a craftsperson to lay it and make sure it is watertight

  • £35 could cover the cost of replacing a specially-made brick for one of the chimneys to fix dangerous loose masonry

  • £50 could help to repoint half a square metre of parapet to secure the roof and protect it for future generations

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With your support we can repair the roof of the The Vyne and secure its future for everyone to enjoy