The Great Storm

A large tree lies in front of the house at Scotney Castle, Kent, after the Great Storm

Three decades on from 16 October 1987, the effects endure in the landscapes - and memories – of places caught up in the eye of the Great Storm.

Aerial view of storm damage at Toys Hill, Kent, after the 1987 storm

Rising from the eye of the Great Storm 

This October marks thirty years since the Great Storm flattened hundreds of thousands of trees across National Trust woodland. The losses were severe but the storm became a chance to re-evaluate the way we work in the outdoors.

Our storm

Meet our rangers and gardeners caught up in the Storm and its aftermath

Walk in their footsteps

What we've learnt
The exclusion zone at Toys Hill, Kent

The Toys Hill exclusion zone 

At Toys Hill, Kent, a small ‘exclusion zone’ was put in place and left to recover naturally following the Great Storm in October 1987. It continues to teach us important lessons about woodland management today.