Autumn at Tintinhull Garden

The Pool Garden at Tintinhull in autumn sunshine

Tintinhull Garden was designed as individual rooms, each with plenty of hidden delights to discover, from the small pools to the large ponds, from the smoothness of the lawns to the wildness of the Arboretum.

The busy autumn months will see the team harvesting the vegetables in the kitchen garden.  The kitchen garden is very productive and any excess crop is put out by the tea-room for people to take home. 

Perhaps a less enjoyable, but very necessary task, is giving the greenhouses a thorough cleaning.  It is done ahead of getting plants in for overwintering and sowing for next year.  You’ll see the greenhouses as you head out of the kitchen garden and into the Arboretum. 

The garden is a safe space for having fun – hide and seek is a must – and provides lots of opportunities if you’re taking part in the National Trust 50 Things challenge.

Get away from it all
Take the time to enjoy the beauty surrounding you at Tintinhull Garden, without the interruption of modern life distractions.  Tintinhull Garden is taking part in the Silent Space initiative that encourages people to switch off.