Things to see and do at Ventnor Downs

A walker passing through a gate at St Boniface Down and Coombe Bottom

It'll take more than one visit to admire Adonis blue butterflies on Bonchurch Down, witness the wonderful show of bluebells or the blooming heather of Luccombe Down, spot our herd of feral goats or look up for buzzards and ravens soaring over the steep slopes, but you can always try!

Look out to the sea from Ventnor Downs

The Ventnor Downs rise steeply above the Victorian seaside town of Ventnor. With the sparkling sea below and the holm oak trees which have colonised the south facing chalk slopes there's almost a Mediterranean flavour to the landscape.

From the highest point on the Island

From the highest point on the Isle of Wight on Luccombe Down at 787 ft (240m) above sea level, there are fine views in all directions. Look east to Sandown Bay and Culver Cliffs, with Portsmouth behind.

Our goats

Feral goats are used at Ventnor to help control scrub on the steep chalk slopes. In particular they keep the holm oak in check. We'd appreciate it if you didn't feed them, they're fat enough already.


Earn your supper by climbing the steep hills from the town of Ventnor. Catch a glimpse of the herd of feral goats which graze on the holm oak. Look up to see the birds and down to enjoy the wild flowers.