Villages & pubs

We look after a variety of quaint, picturesque villages, from memorable TV and film locations to an example of beautiful Tudor architecture. We also have traditional British pubs for a spot to relax and enjoy a pint

Our most historic villages

Old photo of Lavenham Guildhall with old woman

History of Lavenham Guildhall

Discover how the town’s fortunes altered from its 16th-century glory days. Learn how the changes affected the upkeep of the timber-framed buildings, including the Guildhall, which has changed its uses many times over the years.

The exterior of Nether Alderely Mill

The village of Nether Alderley

Learn about a typical Cheshire village that blossomed during the 1500s under the direction of the Lord of the Manor, Sir Thomas Stanley.

View of The George Inn in West Street in Lacock Village, Wiltshire

Favourite pub walks 

We own over 35 characterful and historic pubs and inns. Many of which, as well as offering a warm welcome, lip-smacking ales and delicious local food, have great walks nearby.

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