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Our work looking after Cadsonbury

A close-up of a ranger with their torso and legs visible, wearing a red fleece and standing next to a National Trust branded vehicle
Ranger working | © National Trust Images/Trevor Ray Hart

Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Cadsonbury is worth protecting. The area features an ancient woodland which contains fertile soils, open water areas and rocky rapids, and is home to a diverse array of wildlife species, including dippers, otters and hazel dormice.

Stabilising the river banks

In recent years, significant erosion has occurred on the west bank of the River Lynher due to the sandy nature of the soil, high river flow and dogs running in and out of the water.

Where there is serious erosion taking place, we have put up temporary fencing to protect the banks and allow conservation work to take effect. Tree planting is also used to help stabilise the banks. During this work we will be keeping specific areas along the river open to provide river access for dogs and their humans to enjoy.

Looking after dormice

The hazel dormouse population at Cadsonbury is monitored as part of the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme. Across Cadsonbury there are nesting boxes and we’re managing their areas of habitat, including increasing the number of alder and hazel trees.

A dormouse poking its head out ranger's hands that are carefully holding it during box checks in the woodlands at Killerton, Devon
Rangers completing dormice checks | © National Trust Images / Fi Hailstone

Protecting the hillfort

To protect the hillort for future generations, our rangers are managing the landscape by cutting back the bracken during the summer months to limit its growth around the scheduled monument. The team are also removing gorse scrub from the ramparts and the centre of the hillfort. Native cattle have also been reintroduced to graze the area and limit the spread of scrub in a natural way.

Thank you

With your ongoing support, we're able to continue our vital conservation work. Thank you for helping to protect these special places.

Two visitors walk their dog through along a path through the Lambsclose Plantation on the Trelissick estate, Cornwall

Discover more at Cadsonbury

Find out when Cadsonbury is open, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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