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Horse riding at Killerton

A visitor rides their horse through the grounds in the sunshine at Killerton, Devon
A visitor rides their horse at Killerton, Devon | © National Trust Images / Chris Lacey

The Killerton estate is a great place to explore on horseback, thanks to the miles of permissive bridleways. There are three main areas horse riders can explore: Danes Wood, Killerton Park and Ashclyst Forest. Horse riders can find out more below on accessible routes and how to explore Killerton’s vast estate.

Where can I ride my horse?

There are lots of bridleways for horse riders to make good use of on the Killerton estate. Please note that the bridleways are permissive paths and so may become unavailable if the tracks or surrounding nature are compromised with use.

A close up of a branch with a visitor in the background riding their horse around the grounds at Killerton, Devon
Exploring Killerton's grounds on horseback | © National Trust Images / Chris Lacey

Danes Wood and Killerton Park

Permissive bridleways open to riders can be found in Danes Wood and Killerton Park. Riders can make a long loop taking in the perimeter of the Killerton parkland, but this involves joining up the sections by walking on roads. Routes are signposted on the estate.

All horse riders are asked to be aware of other visitors on the paths, including children on bicycles, dog walkers and livestock.

Ashclyst Forest

There are lots of footpaths and bridleways to be explored around Ashclyst Forest. The forest is the perfect spot for a quiet family ride or a quick hack in the woods. There’s also a long looped route with short linking sections on quiet roads.

Ashclyst Forest in winter

Many of the bridleways are muddy and rutted in winter. Also, restrictions might be in place due to conservation or forestry work.

Where can I park?

While there’s parking at Danes Wood, it means riding along a short road section to reach Killerton Park.

There’s also a small National Trust parking area near Columbjohn Farm. However, this is not recommended for large horseboxes, and there are no bridleways that currently run through Columbjohn Wood.

Ashclyst Forest

Forest Gate car park, in the middle of the forest, has space for several trailers or boxes. However, the road can get a bit narrow up there. There are also some smaller car parks dotted around the forest, which might fit a small trailer.

Parking restrictions

There’s no parking for horseboxes available in the main Killerton car park.

A visitor horse riding through a wooded glade at Killerton, Devon
Horse riding is one of the activities available on the Killerton estate | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Where can’t I ride my horse?

The visitor entrance of Killerton’s estate, along with the house and garden, are not suitable for horses. This also includes the surrounding parkland with the Front Park, the Clump, The Plains, Deodar Glen and Park Wood.

Columbjohn Wood and Cross Parks are also currently closed to horse riding. Horse riders are asked to keep to the signposted permissive bridleways around the estate.

What do I need to be aware of at Killerton?

  • Keep on track: When riding on a bridleway, please make sure to stick to the designated path.
  • Share pathways: Please look out for walkers and cyclists, as many of the bridlepaths are also shared footpaths and cyclepaths.
  • Enjoy the ride: Make sure to ride slowly past all livestock and ensure that you leave all gates as you find them.
  • Be safe: Please ride responsibly and be considerate of others using the estate.
  • Stay grounded: Don’t jump any hedges, fences or walls.

This guidance is in place to make sure everyone can enjoy their visit to Killerton, to help look after the historic estate and to ensure the wellbeing of livestock and wildlife.

Two visitors admiring a laid table in the Dining Room at Killerton, Devon

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A visitor horse riding through a wooded glade at Killerton, Devon

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