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Learning at Fontmell Down: The Forest School

A small child is adding the finishing touches to a den at Fontmell and Melbury Downs, Dorset
Den-building at Fontmell and Melbury Downs | © National Trust Images/Clive Whitbourn

The Forest School at Fontmell Down is the perfect venue for wild art, bug hunts, woodland games, fire-making, den-building, outdoor cooking and all sorts of other wild adventures. Find out more about the memorable learning experience for schoolchildren on offer here.

What you will find at The Forest School

  • A private woodland owned by the National Trust and hired out exclusively for the use of schools and community groups for use as a Forest School.
  • Broadleaved woodland set amongst archaeological features with magnificent views.
  • Surrounded by wildlife-rich open downland – ideal to explore, let off steam, fly kites and play parachute games.
  • Perfect setting for children to experience the wild within safe and permanently enclosed boundaries.
  • Two woodland fire circles with permanent pits and log seating, plus break-out log seating areas.
  • Access into the wood and onto the surrounding landscape is via locked pedestrian gates.
Shot from above, a chocolate cake edged with chocolate buttons, with 'Forest School' written on it and a flower decoration in the centre, at Fontmell Down, Dorset
Chocolate cake's on the menu at Fontmell Down, Dorset | © National Trust Images/Clive Whitbourn

Booking your visit

The Fontmell Down Forest school is open for booking and can be accessed from the National Trust Car Park off the C13.

For further information or to make a booking please contact us by email or by calling 07788 480686.

We look forward to welcoming you and your learning group.

A view across the rolling green countryside of Compton Down at Fontmell and Melbury Downs, Dorset

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