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Things to do at Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle

View from Lambert's Castle Hill, Dorset
View from Lambert's Castle Hill, Dorset. | © National Trust Images/David Sellman

Explore the impressive hillforts of Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle, with their wide-ranging views over the surrounding countryside and rich habitat for flora and fauna. Here are some of the highlights of things to see and do at both sites.

Take in the view

Lambert’s Castle is a relatively level site, sitting at the centre of a surprisingly complex landscape encompassing plantation woodland, registered common and agriculturally improved land.

See the sweeping views across the Marshwood Vale and out to sea. Look to the east and see how many other of the county’s other hillforts you can spot – many were built more than 2,000 years ago and all remain significant landmarks.

Meanwhile Coney’s Castle, one of the smaller hillforts looked after by the National Trust, is an ideal location for shorter walks. Its views extend across the Marshwood Vale to the east, and Devon to the west.

Spot seasonal nature and wildlife

Take a stroll through the wonderful woodland at Coney’s Castle to spot ancient, gnarled oak trees and beech trees.

At both sites you can see a wide variety of birds. Buzzards, kestrels and ravens fly overhead, while woodpeckers and willow warblers can be spotted in the woodland. Mammals to look out for include badgers, dormice, foxes, bats, roe deer, stoats and weasels.

Flying kestrel in the sky
Kestrel in flight | © National Trust Images / Nick Upton

‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’

Grab a ‘50 things’ book and get going on your very own adventure at Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle. Here are a few ideas from the list to get you started.

No. 6 Go welly wandering

During those customary spring rain showers, what could be better than chucking on your wellies and waterproofs and tramping around in the puddles?

No. 7 Fly a kite

When there's a bit of wind in the air it's the perfect time to enjoy one of the purest pleasures in life. The slopes at these sites are an ideal spot for it.

No. 25 Join nature's band

Head to a wild place and listen to nature’s music around you. Birds singing, leaves rustling and waves crashing – the more you listen, the more you’ll hear. Try using things that you find in nature to create your own song.

No. 26 Hunt for fossils and bones

Journey back in time and search for clues to the life of animals and plants from the past. Fossil hunting is mammoth fun for all the family.

No. 33 Go cloud watching

There's lots you can learn from looking at the clouds. Choose a comfortable spot on a warm day, lie back and see what kind of clouds are on show.

No. 48 Keep a nature diary

Keep a record of your adventures in nature, capturing your memories of any plants or animals you’ve seen.

A young child is exploring and climbing a tree at Lambert's Castle, Dorset.

Discover more at Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle

Find out how to get to Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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View from Lambert's Castle Hill, Dorset.

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