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Kites Connect Festival: a celebration of culture and kites at Dunstable Downs

Silhouetted figure holding up a diamond kite against a bright orange sunset at Dunstable Downs.
Kite flying at Dunstable Downs | © National Trust/Lisa Hopkins

Introducing: Kites Connect Festival, a revival of our popular Kite Fest last held in 2018. With a fresh perspective and a deepened commitment to serving our local community, it's more than just a kite festival; it's a celebration of unity and access in our local green spaces.

Join us for a free, two-day festival to experience the magic of kite strings weaving connections between us all.

What's the history of Kite Fest?

The Dunstable Downs Kite Festival was for many years the highlight of our summer at Dunstable Downs, a remarkable event that saw the skies come alive with the colourful and dynamic art of professional kite flying. However, operational challenges were a constant part of this journey, and the last Kite Festival was held in 2018.

But that wasn’t the end of our story. Since then, we've been hard at work, driven by a vision to revive the festival with a fresh perspective and a deepened commitment to serving our local community. Introducing: 2024's Kites Connect Festival!

How is Kites Connect Festival different?

Bringing the Dunstable Downs Kite Festival back to life is a vital step in our community strategy to connect with our diverse audiences and break down barriers to access. Our re-focused festival aims to create an environment where our visitors from all walks of life can come together to enjoy kite flying, the fresh air, and breathtaking views. Kites Connect Festival will therefore have a more authentic and audience-centric feel, closer to the National Trust values that we have worked hard to instil in our programming over the years.

What to expect?

  • A 90-meter arena hosting a mesmerising display of kites from professional and amateur groups from around the world.
  • Commentary depicting the fascinating history of kite flying across cultures and a celebration of Dunstable Down's heritage.
  • A range of workshops for all to get involved in.
  • Bring or buy your own kite and let loose on our designated kite flying field.
  • Experience global flavours from diverse food stalls.
  • Local produce and crafts.
  • The chance to connect with local community organisations.
  • Our usual visitor offer, with Visitor Centre, cafe and shop. Summer of Play will also be available to take part in.

More information will be revealed soon. Please keep checking back for updates!

For any further information or questions, please contact


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