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Winchester City Mill Wheel Appeal

Old mill wheel with paddles removed, in a state of disrepair
Decommissioned Mill Wheel | © Mimi Thompson

Our mill wheel has reached the end of its life-span. Can you help us restore this important part of our heritage and begin milling flour once again?

Why isn't the wheel turning?

Mill wheels naturally go through life cycles, the average mill wheel will last around 15 years until it needs replacing. Our mill wheel has been working hard since 2003, turning through the fast-flowing waters of the River Itchen and being subjected to the rising and falling of water levels after record rainfall in the last few years.

We want to preserve the heritage craft of milling and get the wheel turning again, which also means we can produce our flour once again!

Protecting a legacy which dates back centuries is vital to us; mill-wrighting is considered an endangered craft and we have a responsibility to protect this for future generations. Repairing the mill wheel is an vital step in giving Winchester back it's working water mill, providing work for the millwright and excellent opportunities for present and future volunteers to step into the milling role.

In an age where everything can, at times, move at a breathtaking pace, we believe in promoting a slower pace of life and putting people back in touch with where their food comes from.

We can bring that story to life in the Mill, where you can already learn about the 'Farm to Fork' story. The next phase is getting the wheel restored so visitors can see this story in action, watch the grain being milled and see the process right through to the bag of flour you can get at the end.

Shows a different angle of the decommissioned mill wheel

This is where we need your help

We are aiming to complete this work and restore the wheel by 2025, but we need your help. The sooner we raise the funds to do this, the sooner we can get the wheel back in action.

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