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Things to see and do at Oldbury Hill

Road through woodland at Oldbury Hill Kent
Trees stand to attention either side of the roadway | © National Trust Images/Emily Pyle

Grab your walking boots and escape from the hustle and bustle of life into the woodland at Oldbury Hill. It’s home to some wonderful woodland and one of the largest and finest Iron Age hillforts in the country.

Woodland walks

A walk up Oldbury Hill, although steep, is well worth the effort. Its wonderful woodland contains mainly oak, beech and birch trees – near the top of the hill you’ll find young beech saplings formed into at least three arches.

Areas of oak coppice are being re-coppiced, making this one of the few Kentish woods where this traditional Wealden management is being practised.

The small caves and shallow rock shelters in the sandstone ridge were probably used by Paleolithic man.

Views from the top

As you wander around the higher reaches of the hill you’ll discover the impressive viewpoints which open up across the Kent countryside.

Pause, breathe in and marvel at the ever-changing colours of the surrounding landscape.

A dog in woodland at Tyntesfield, Somerset
Bring your four-legged companion with you on a walk | © National Trust Images/Peter Hall

Dog walking

With various pathways scattered across this ancient hillfort, Oldbury Hill is a perfect place to treat your four-legged friend to a good runaround.

Although the gradient of the hill can be a little steep, most dogs will relish the challenge of getting to the top as much as their owners.

Oldbury Hillfort

At the summit, Oldbury Camp (as it is sometimes known) is one of the largest and finest Iron Age hillforts in the country. As you wander through the woods on its slopes, you’ll appreciate the powerful defensive position of this steep-sided hill.

Imagine it clear of trees and what it would have been like to be on the defence at the top, or an attacker making your way up through the ramparts.

Oldbury Woods, Kent, in evening light

Discover more at Oldbury Hill

Find out how to get to Oldbury Hill, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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