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Things to see and do at One Tree Hill

People walking dog at One Tree Hill, Kent
Enjoy a woodland walk at One Tree Hill | © National Trust Images/Emily Pyle

Set within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, One Tree Hill’s varied mosaic of habitats, from woodland to open glades, is home to some rare species of fauna. Here are some of the unique and uncommon creatures to look out for, along with the best routes for walking.

Woodland walks

With various winding paths through the woodland, One Tree Hill is highly valued by both walkers and horse-riders. Springtime is a particularly popular time of year here because of the carpets of bluebells and wild garlic which emerges.

For those who enjoy longer walks, the 107-mile (173km) footpath called Greensand Way follows the ridge of greensand rock from Farnham in Surrey to Hamstreet village (six miles south of Ashford) in Kent. Many consider this route to be the best of the long-distance walks in south-east England.

Rare inhabitants


One Tree Hill is home to one of Britain’s most endangered mammals - Muscardinus avellanarius – the dormouse.

You might have seen images of these elusive little creatures curled into a ball, but you might not know that they are agile climbers, who can spend their entire lives up in the branches without ever touching the ground.

By fattening up on hazelnuts, buds, berries and insects, they can hibernate for up to three quarters of the year when the weather is bad.

Edible Dormouse in leaf litter on woodland floor, Ashridge Estate
Edible Dormouse on woodland floor at Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire | © National Trust Images/John Malley


Acicula fusca, more commonly known as the point snail, is one of two very rare snails that live at One Tree Hill, the other being Macrogastra rolphii or Rolph’s door snail.

The point snail grows only to about 3mm, and they like to hide away from everyone in the wet moss and leaf litter, whilst the Rolph’s door snail grows up to 14mm.


As well as slugs and snails, One Tree Hill is the only known site in Kent for the bristletail Dilta hibernica. These primitive wingless insects like to live on the ground in heavily vegetated spots.

A view of One Tree Hill, Kent

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